Sorry for keeping you all hanging for the past week or so...don't know where the time went!

Anyway...on to the next stop on our whirlwind Jordanian adventure--Jerash!

I never realized that there was such a well-preserved site of Roman ruins in Jordan let alone the Middle East, but that is exactly what we found at Jerash. It was amazing!

I will let our pictures do most of the talking...

{Arch of Hadrian}

{Oval Forum}

{Cardo Maximus "Colonnaded Street"}

{local Bedouins with their goats grazing among the ruins}


{inscription at the Theater}

{view of the Oval Forum and Colonnade with the town in the distance}

{another of the Oval Forum when the weather finally decided to cooperate}

{Arch of Hadrian against the blue sky}
After a couple of hours in Jerash, we took a quick stop in downtown Amman to visit a Roman Theater.

The theater was built to have great acoustics, and we actually experienced how well the sound can carry. One of us stood at one end of the theater at the base of the seating area and the other stood at the opposite end. We both bent down and put our ears to the wall and talked in a normal voice...and we could hear each other loud and clear! It was really cool!

Coming up next: Karak Castle!

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