Here we go.

After our stop at the Hot Springs it was time to make the drive to the Dead Sea (also the lowest point on earth at 1,388 feet below sea level!) and face the inevitable: we were possibly going to freeze to death, but there was no way in the world we WEREN'T going in the Dead Sea!

{looking out at the Dead Sea on our drive there....pretty, right?}
Our original plan was to spend an entire day at the Dead Sea. There are several nice hotels dotted along the coast that offer day passes for access to the Sea and all of the hotel's facilities (pool, showers, spa, etc.).  When we arrived and found the weather to be less than optimal for spending a day at the beach, we settled on a no-frills spot that offered entry to the Dead Sea and a shower to clean off after swimming for a cheaper rate than we would have spent at one of the more upscale hotels.

Upon arrival, we checked out the "instructions" for swimming at The Dead Sea:

We paid our entry fee, went to change, and headed down to the beach.

{yes, I am still wearing ALL of my clothes over my bathing suit...I still wasn't convinced that I was actually going to go in!}
As you can see in the above picture, we weren't the only crazy people determined tourists who wanted to experience swimming in the Dead Sea on a cold day in February!

Pete, being the brave soul that he is, headed in first.

Side Note: It was WINDY! Just look at those waves! That was a big reason why I was hesitant at first to go in. All you hear is 'DON'T GET THE WATER IN YOUR EYES!!' It will hurt. It will sting. You will go blind...just kidding. But I was really nervous about the waves splashing the water in my eyes!

{you really do float!}

After seeing my brave husband get in and float, I knew I had to suck it up and DO IT! How mad would I be at myself if every time we told the story about the trip I would have to say that I was too afraid to actually go in the water?!

Getting there...

Almost thwarted by a wave...


Can I tell you a funny story??

The water was actually WARM! I kid you not. If it weren't for the waves, it would have been a pretty pleasant experience.

Well not quite this pleasant...

{image via a Jordanian tourism website}

But we accomplished our goal of floating in the Dead Sea..and it really wasn't THAT bad. We can say that we did it, and that's all that matters!

Now, some fun out-takes from our swim:

After a jam-packed day, the next day we kept it a bit more low key and headed to see the Roman ruins in Jerash and downtown Amman. Check back tomorrow to hear all about ...

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