We're back from Jordan.

And what a trip it was!

In four days we traversed practically the entire country. It was quite the whirlwind. We took a bazillion pictures and have finally edited them down to a more manageable number! I promise I will try really hard not to post EVERY single photo...although I may be tempted! Because we have so many photos, I will give each place we visited it's own post.

Before I get to our first Jordanian adventure, a little background info on the timing of our trip...it probably wasn't the best time to go to Jordan. Um it snowed...SNOWED!...while we were there. I kid you not! And it rained..a lot. And it was cold. We encountered every kind of weather as we drove around on the first day. It would be pouring rain or snowing one minute and then we would drive for a couple of minutes and there were sunny blue skies. This was all due to the drastic elevation changes along our drive, but it was strange nonetheless. You can kind of tell how finicky the weather was from our photos...in some the sky is grey and others there is bright blue sky. The friends we stayed with kept saying how we probably picked the worst weekend to go to Jordan. Score one for us! But we bundled up and made it work.

{yes, that is snow and, no, that's not a blurry photo...it was that grey and dreary}

Okay, now on to the trip.

First, I have to say that we were very lucky to have friends living in Amman, Jordan who graciously allowed us to stay with them. Not only were they fantastic hosts, but they were also wonderful tour guides and a wealth of information about what we should see and do while in Jordan. One of the things we knew we wanted to do was to visit the Dead Sea. As I mentioned, it was cold (in the 40's) and rainy and snowy. Regardless of the weather we were still determined to make it to the Dead Sea and actually go in. We couldn't travel to Jordan and NOT go in the Dead Sea. So the first day we were there we figured we would go ahead and just get it over with!

We needed a little time to psych ourselves up for what we figured would be a very cold plunge, so we made a couple of of stops on our way to the Dead Sea.

First, we visited Mount Nebo. It is from this mountain top that Moses is said to have seen the promised land. Once you make the short walk to the top of Mount Nebo there isn't too much to see. There is a large cross and an old church that was undergoing renovations, but the views from the top were well worth it.

{walk up to the top of Mt. Nebo}
{cross at the top of Mount Nebo}

{did I mention it was windy?}
{view from the top of Mt. Nebo}
{looking out at the Dead Sea from the top of Mt. Nebo}

After Mt. Nebo, we began our drive to the Ma'in Hot Springs. This is a little known tourist spot that we didn't know about until our hosts suggested a stop there. Just one of the great perks of staying with people who live in Jordan! Had we stayed on our own, we would have missed out on a very unique experience. 

Tune in tomorrow for more about our time at the hot springs. But for now a sneak peak...

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